Young Potentials Program

Are you a graduate or graduating within marketing or economics? Or do you have similar work experience? This 6 month on-the-job learning program is ideal to give your career in digital marketing a whirlwind start.

Become a digital marketing

expert in six months.

This on-the-job trainee program marks the beginning of your career at BossData as a digital marketing consultant. The program will teach you all about :

  • Media buying tooling (Google / Facebook / Instagram / .. Ads);
  • Data gathering, analytics, visualization and interpretation;
  • Digital Marketing Strategy (lead generation, e-commerce, ..);
  • Key Account / Stakeholder Management;
  • Soft skills (meeting & time management, negotiating, ..)
  • etc.

Throughout the program you will manage the digital strategy development for industry leading clients such as Dille & Kamille, Betfirst, Kwantum, Sleepworld, etc.

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The Smartest Way to Get

a Head Start in your Career

We offer an on-the-job learning program that prepares you to become an exceptional digital marketer. One that brings out your brightest talents. And gives your career a whirlwind start. Ideal for recent graduates or as the next step after a first work experience.

Buddy System

Everyone trainee is assigned a coach during their first six to twelve months with the company. It is this person’s responsibility to broaden your skill set, while also helping you develop on a personal level through weekly 1:1 sessions.

Custom Made Tracks

All participants of the program are given the opportunity to develop skills specific to their needs and interests. Want to learn more about e-commerce instead of lead generation? You do you!

Relaxed Environment

There are many reasons to love working at BossData. Flexible working hours, Salad Tuesdays, Hot Dog Thursdays, monthly team nights, milestone celebrations etc. Lots of fun times ahead in – and outside – the office.

Theory into Practice

A total of 150+ hours are dedicated to theoretical lessons taught by experts of the BossData team. Through collaboration with our clients, these lessons are immediately transformed into real-life experiences.

A Fair Wage

This program allows you to earn while you learn. From the start of the Young Potentials program we reward you with a fair wage and sweet fringe benefits on top. It merely marks the start (first 6 months) of your career at BossData.

T-Shaped Marketers

Being a T-shaped marketer allows you to help clients with their marketing strategy from A-Z. You’ll develop a wide range of digital marketing tactics, as well as specialized knowledge in one or maybe two specific areas.

Behind the Scenes

Discover how your colleagues experienced their first months at BossData. It sure *sounds* nice to get an unlimited number of holidays, but how many did our colleagues actually take last year?

Become a Better Marketer

We only work with the brightest and most passionate minds in marketing. Therefore, Young Potentials must meet strict requirements. For us to determine if you fit these, our application process consists of three stages.


Introductory Call

Fill in the form. Our onboarding experts will contact you within 1 working day to schedule a short assessment call (30 minutes). In this introductory call, we will discuss the details of our program.


Meet The Colleagues

You will meet two of your future colleagues with whom you will be closely working together if you start the program. They will set up an in-depth interview with you in which they assess your skills and see if you and this program are a match


A Day at BossData

We’ll schedule a half-day visit to our Antwerp HQ. This way you’ll get a feel for the office atmosphere and you’ll present a case study to a few of your future colleagues. If we decide that you’re the ideal candidate for the program, we will reach out to you with an offer.

Start Your Application

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