Brilliant thinkers & first class executers

Our multidisciplinary team members are the most valuable service we can offer. We’re brilliant thinkers and first-class executers that come up with all-encompassing strategies for your business and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Meet our team members

We are always on the lookout for creative-yet-analytical talents. In case you are looking for a place to unleash those powers within you, get ready to meet your new friends… or colleagues if you want to take things more slowly.

Lennert Peeters


His friends call him Lenny. And so can you. His motto? When the whole world thinks your content is 'okay', it's boring. The real trick is to create something your target audience loves.

Quynten Lepomme

Technical marketeer

Quynten is a competitive, sportive, and analytical marketer who thrives in high-pressure environments. He brings a winning attitude and a love for the game to every project.

Eline Van Tendeloo

Digital Marketing Consultant

Looking for someone who can solve your problems with a keen eye for detail? Say hello to Eline! Her love for dogs is only rivalled by her passion for getting things done. She's always looking for ways to improve, and her goal-oriented attitude makes her an asset to any project.

Sofie Heyman

Copy & content

Always researching, asking questions and delving deeper into topics. Sofie uses data to support your ideas, but relies on stories to move your audience into customers.

Ferre Manaerts

Digital Marketing Consultant

The cucumber to your Tzatziki, the Parmigiano to your Carbonara, the pickles to your hot dog. We could go on for a while, but let’s just say that you want to add some Ferre to your Marketing strategies: a driven digital marketer who will take your campaigns to the next level.

Laura Meijburg

Digital Marketing Consultant

Laura is an ambitious digital marketeer who doesn't settle for the status quo. By travelling the world, she learned how to leave her comfort zone, try new things, and think outside the box. And so, after backpacking throughout South East Asia, Laura is now ready for a digital marketing trip of a lifetime.

Faber Huyse

Digital Marketing Consultant

Faber is an impactful team player with experience in the non-profit sector. He tries to help clients like he helps his teammates on the basketball court: entirely focused on the common goals and doing everything to get the job done.

Charlotte Arts

Digital Marketing Consultant

A go-getter pur sang, with upbeat energy. With an eye for detail, Charlotte will make sure your digital campaigns run smoothly. When she’s not grinding behind her desk, she’s probably exploring the globe and its different cultures.

Daphné Lesuisse

Graphic Designer

Daphné is an all-round graphic designer with a playful, vibrant style and a passion for colour. If we’re talking static images, motion or video: design holds no secrets for her! No wonder, since she’s always on the hunt for the latest design trends.

Raquel Janssen

Digital Marketing Consultant

You won’t catch Raquel backing away from a challenge. Her enthusiastic nature causes her to push boundaries and always go the extra mile. With her passion for communication and marketing, she is ready to kick some digital ass.

Lore Baelus

Digital Marketing Consultant

Lore is an emphatic positivist who takes team spirit to the next level. As a digital marketer, she makes up for a deadly combo of critical thinking, eagerness to learn and passion for the job.

Sebastian Van Laer

Digital Marketing Consultant

Sebastian is an out-of-the-box online marketeer. Either if we’re talking food or professionally: he likes to experiment and does not back away from a challenge. Going the extra mile to deliver astonishing results is a no-brainer.

Charlotte de Hond

Digital Marketing Consultant

Charlotte is a proof-driven digital marketeer with a keen eye for detail. Loyal like a dog, she’s always there to help. Her enthusiasm & passions span from marketing to graphic design to (what else?) dogs.

Joachim Leyder

Copy & Content

Joachim writes stories that stick like an al-dente spaghetti against the wall. No matter how difficult the subject, he’ll make sure your grandma understands it too.

Gaëtan Abattucci

Digital Marketing Consultant

Gaëtan is a detailed-oriented digital strategist. He thrives outside his comfort zone and never backs down from a good challenge. With him drawing your digital battle plans, your strategy is in safe hands.

Lien Dekeyser

Digital Marketing Consultant

The sunniest member of the BossData family, but don’t let that fool you… A mix of engineering and marketing makes Lien a force to be reckoned with. Her marketing strategies are like her favourite Ice Tea drink: cool, sparkling and refreshing.

Juliette Janssen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Enthusiastic online marketer with a burning desire to keep learning / growing. Always combining innovation & creativity to help clients take giant leaps forward.

Arno Symons

Strategic Business Developer

Arno is responsible for new business development and maintaining existing client relationships at BossData. He was too busy kicking ass & closing deals to write his own text here so I had to make one up.

Max Spanoghe

Marketing Consultant

Digital marketer who likes to help clients reach their objectives by combining knowledge in marketing, computer science, and magic. Yes, that’s right. Marketer by day, magician by night.

Valérie Vervoort

Marketing Consultant

Online marketer who manages your digital campaigns and pushes companies to further develop their digital strategies. I love a mix of strategical & creative thinking. Ask me again in 6 months! =)

Sander Manneke

Technical Marketer & Strategist

Placed between technique, marketing and data. A mix that is not too common. This is where the magic happens.

Michael Peeters

Digital marketer

Online performance marketer managing your digital campaigns while thinking along with your company and its objectives. That's what I love.

Stijn Van Cant


Driven digital marketing consultant with a background in e-commerce as a marketeer and FMCG as a data analyst. Stijn loves turning your data into actionable insights. And using thought-through digital strategies that impact your bottom line.

Quinten Van Dijck


Quinten’s work results in seemingly effortless & smooth completion of projects at hand. He has a firm grasp on almost every tool / channel out there (... and an awesome beard).

Frank Laenens

Marketing Consultant

This E-commerce strategist with experience in sales and project management, will always strive for the most practical and cost efficient solution for his clients. Always ready to guide you through the digital marketing maze.

Nick Tulpinck


Every company benefits of having Nick at its side. Always initiating new ways to push your company forward with solid ideas and increased efficiency by means of automation

Michiel Van der Sypt


Business-minded online marketing specialist. Makes your business run like a fine engine, based on analytical insights and pure stamina.

Manu Labarbe


Responsible for new business, product management & marketing at BossData. Always trying to challenge the status quo.

Matthias Laqueur


Online performance marketing specialist leading the development digital marketing strategies based on analytical insights. His vision will take you where you have never gone before.

Thomas Struijk


Leading data driven business analist with strong financial and commercial insights. After all, your financial result is all that counts.