Price Modelling

Pricing your products in a digital world isn’t easy. Prices are constantly compared by potential customers, making it impossible for you to ignore this reality of digital buying behaviour. We look for other pricing solutions in 3 steps.

Price Modelling

Price is important, as it has a major impact on revenue, profit, and the effectiveness of campaigns. However, pricing your products in a digital world isn’t easy. Driven by technology, we define your most profitable pricing model.

Your 3-step pricing solution

1. Competitor analysis
We determine how sensitive your customers are to fluctuations in price and investigate how your products are priced compared to your competitors.

2. Testing strategies
You can use a variety of pricing strategies but only the best strategy will result in the biggest chances for success.

3. Pricing & Marketing
Pricing has a direct effect on margin and a strong impact on a product’s conversion rate, both of which are key factors in determining online marketing bids for that product. We determine optimal bids proactively, before making the ad costs.

Want to know more?

    Why you need it

    Price has a major impact on revenue, profit, sales, and the effectiveness of campaigns. If you want to improve those metrics, you have to know what your optimal price model is.

    Who can benefit

    Every organisation that operates in a highly competitive environment that understands the importance of pricing in a digital environment and is willing to leverage it into a competitive advantage.

    What do you get

    A 3-step solution based on a market & competitor analysis that reveals your optimal pricing strategy, whilst also taking marketing and other costs into account.

    Bulletproof Cases

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

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