Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager to manage tags (such as tracking and marketing optimization JavaScript tags) on your site, without editing your site code.

Google Tag Manager

Manage all tags without editing your site code. Google Tag Manager allows us to create, edit, test and implement tags that can be integrated in all other channels.

Relieve your dev and connect the dots

We prefer Google Tag Manager for the implementation of tracking pixels to collect analytics from your website. Google Tag Manager helps us to manage the tags, or the snippets of Javascript that send information to third-parties, on your website or mobile app.

It enables us to add and update tags without asking development to rewrite the code. This allows us to make adjustments and improvements ad hoc, to make sure your measured data remains error-free.

By integrating your actual business data in the setup, we make sure you see the full picture on your business, allowing you to make better decions.

Want to know more?

    Why you need it

    Google Tag Manager is a simple and efficient way to create new tags and update existing ones to gain more insights in web analytics, conversions, etc.

    Who can benefit

    Every organisation that takes their data seriously knows the importance of correct measurements and is therefore ready to play the A-game in tag management.

    What do you get

    The creation, adjustments and implementation of tag management without asking development to rewrite the code.

    Bulletproof Cases

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

    Other services

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