Content marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing quality and relevant content to attract and retain the attention of your target audience and to eventually monetize on this.

Focus on the entire buyer journey

Consumer’s purchases are no longer driven by catchy radio jingles and  TV ads. Their decision is made before entering your shop. That is why content marketing is crucial if you want to identify leads earlier in the funnel & want to increase your chances of letting them buy your product or service.

A consistent influx of leads

A content marketing project starts off with a clear identification of your company’s specific customer journey. In order to be where your customers are, you need to understand where they hang around.. Makes sense right? When you know this, time & resources will be allocated to each consideration phase (acquisition and retention).

Generating content ideas isn’t straightforward. But we’ll help you guys along by checking up on your buyer persona’s reading habits, by auditing previous content marketing efforts, by checking up on what competitors are doing, etc.

We care about creating content with a clear ‘quality over quantity’ mindset.  A close collaboration with your in-house domain experts is needed to achieve this. Why? Because it would be idiotic to assume that we know your business better than you.

When we know who to target, on which channel, and with which content… It is time to set up marketing automation workflows (streams) where a multi-channel approach (e.g. email/Facebook Ads/Google Ads/..) is adopted to maximize the impact.

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    Why you need it

    Chances are high that you have direct competition, which means your potential customers need to know what differentiates your service or product from competitors. This is where content comes in.

    Who can benefit

    Anyone who wants to increase their chances by identifying leads earlier in their decision process. Why would you wait until they ‘need’ your product when you can nudge them towards a purchase?

    What do you get

    A multi-channel strategy that owns the buyer journey from start to finish and nudges/guides prospects through the entire journey from start to purchase and eventually even brand ambassadorship.

    Bulletproof Cases

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

    Other services

    Not really what you were looking for? We impact your business on other fronts as well.