Client Personas & Company Proposition

The starting point for your marketing efforts and communication.

Client Personas & Company Proposition

The definition of your personas will be the starting point for our content creation efforts, and a very useful asset for promotion, targeting, website and sales.

Your customer-centric approach

Defining client personas and the proposition of your company isn’t something only marketing and sales can use.

It’s an asset that can be used in every department of your company as it will guide you towards a customer-centric approach. Knowing who your customers are, what challenges they are facing and what solutions you provide them.

To overcome those challenges we will provide you with clear insights on what pain points potential customers have and what content topics and themes you should therefore adres in your content marketing efforts.

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Why you need it

Knowing who your customers are and how your products or services help them overcome challenges is the starting point in becoming a customer-centric company.

Who can benefit

Some organisations simply can’t start optimizing marketing efforts at the bottom of the funnel, and need a top-down approach instead.

What do you get

A clear understanding of who your different types of customers are, and what company proposition will allow them to connect with you most.

Bulletproof Cases

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

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