Strategy, Monitoring & Digital Marketing

These are the four cornerstones from which we build a digital foundation for your business that will take you to the next level.


We are not your average digital agency. We’ll ask more from you than you’re probably used to. Because if you want to grow your business & your results, you need a partner that has a holistic view on your business and considers all possible touch points. The result is a partnership that is continuously evolving and built in stages of defining your business strategy that is validated or invalidated based on the data we retract from operations. We love to do this so much it became our mission in life… And we’d love to do it for you too.

Digital Business Strategy

We don’t just build your campaigns, we think alongside you. We take full responsibility for your financial bottomline. This way, the ambitious goals we set together truly develop your business and put you ahead of the digital curve. Here’s what we take into account:

KPI Monitoring

We collect data that provides us with insights on how we are doing in relation to the goals we have set together. This is what binds our digital marketing efforts to your business strategy.

Digital Marketing

This is the part where we implement digital marketing tactics to achieve your business goals. Our operations are based on 5 cornerstones: technology driven, segmentation, scaling, testing, diversification. We use these cornerstones for:


Technology is a core aspect if you want to be able to test, segment, scale and diversify in the best way possible. We will always be looking for ways to use technology & automation to leverage our work even further. A company that believes in the power of technology will be able to maximize on marketing.