When life gives you lemons… Make lemonade, right?


But when everyone has been ordered to stay at home, who will go out to buy your lemonade? Maybe you’re not even allowed to open your lemonade store anymore by the local government. And how will people know your lemonade even exists when there’s no crowd to see your advertising?

Marketing managers and departments across the world are experiencing the same sudden and impactful shift because of the COVID-19 crisis. Many are asked to shut down everything to save costs, often without the opportunity to draw up a contingency plan.

These actions might be effective in the short term; they won’t do much good for your organization and the (restabilization of the) overall economy in the long term.

Whether you need arguments to keep the marketing alive in your organization or are looking for a comprehensible checklist, this short guide contains marketing suggestions and tips to jumpstart your contingency plan.

Scroll through the whitepaper below (use your arrow keys) or download it here in PDF.




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