What is it about?

Like all retailers, Sleepworld operates in an, as it’s dubbed, omnichannel world.

A world where products are sold on multiple platforms, marketing touchpoints are planted on every (street)corner and consumers’ attention is being caught whenever they’re entering the online or offline world.

For years now, Sleepworld has been a firm believer in omnichannel marketing and its positive impact on bottom-line business results.

BossData guided them along the way. We documented this journey in a brand new case study.

3 Questions

Understanding omnichannel and its challenges resulted in 3 important questions that needed an answer. Download the case to find out which.

Our Methodology

To answer these 3 questions we applied our methodology which has proven itself successful many times over. It consists of 4 steps, usually * completed in roughly 4 months.


We zoom in on several results. Ranging from, but not limited to, the impact on the marketing mix, impact on management & reporting and financial results.

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