At BossData, we take pride in being 100% transparent with our clients. That is why we create dashboards that are always up-to-date and always available to you and your entire organization.

To help your organization master ROPO, we would like to share our ROPO dashboard template that we have made in Google Data Studio.

Data at the Center

Dashboards are not only interesting for your car. Our panel provides omnichannel organizations with a technique to align strategies with organization-wide goals. And it gives a snapshot of how the team is performing.

Always On

Organizations with up-to-date data have an unfair advantage over competitors. They also save time by focussing less on ad-hoc reporting every week/month. No more waiting for static reports to fill your inbox on Monday morning.

Break Down Silos

This template combines on- and offline metrics, data from several channels (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) & cost data across all channels as well. Improve your organization’s agility by centralizing all information in one central dashboard.

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