We see a lot of retailers embracing an omnichannel mindset and measuring how many store visits are the direct result of online marketing campaigns. But sharing number of store visits is not a great indicator.

It will only resonate with all stakeholders in an organization when you talk Dollars/ Euro/ Yen/ Pounds/ Renminbi. Our calculator answers four crucial questions regarding the real monetary added value of online marketing to offline revenue:

👉 What is the value of a Google Store Visit in Google Ads?
👉 How much offline revenue does online marketing generate?
👉 What is the total value (on + offline) generated through online marketing?
👉 What is the ROI of the total value?

Store Visit Worth

The introduction of the store visits metric by both Google and Facebook is a blessing for omnichannel retailers. But Google can not guess what an offline store visit is worth. We’ll help you.

Big Challenge Ahead

A proper RoPo calculation is crucial to your company. It’s right up there with customer lifetime value, attribution, etc. This calculator allows you to take the first step in getting there.

Target Setting

If you want to set truly omnichannel targets, then you also need to understand how much in-store revenue originates from online marketing — time to get genuinely omnichannel.


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