This event welcomes all decision-makers (marketing & IT) who want to learn more about customer centricity & loyalty projects. From start to finish.

A ‘customer-centricity’ / ‘loyalty’ project typically revolves around 3 pillars: 1) innovation, 2) data and 3) marketing. The respective domain of expertise of all 3 organizing parties: 1) Board of Innovation, 2) Element 61 & 3) BossData.

Your time is valuable. This is why the event is built around a ‘dual-track experience’, which allows you to choose whether you want to learn more about innovation, customers & data or loyalty marketing (depending on the gaps in your knowledge). This set up allows you to focus on what YOU find most interesting.


Expect topics similar to :

– How to design a product/service with the customer in mind?

– Marketing & AI: How to identify & incentivize churning customers?

– How to visualize an ideal loyalty business & marketing dashboard?


More information on ‘speakers/agenda’ coming soon. Talks will be in Dutch & English.


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The importance of loyalty & customer-centricity is steadily gaining momentum. Not yet convinced? We’ll have a look at a sample of reasons:

1) Increased competition: On- & offline acquisition channels are becoming increasingly more expensive due to ever-increasing CPC & CPM prices.

2) Dwindling loyalty among customers: A long term customer relationship is ended the moment you dangle a discount in front of a customer’s eyes.

3) Adoption of big data/machine learning: Loyalty marketing in 2020 is about much more than just discount codes and loyalty programs. Smart companies adopt ML / AI to act proactively when a customer shows churn ‘symptoms’.

4) The end of 3rd party cookies: As companies brace themselves for the end of 3rd party cookies, the potential leverage on 1st party data grows significantly. Understanding and acting on first party data is exactly what customer centricity & loyalty marketing is all about.


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And yet… when taking a closer look at the marketing strategy of large Belgian companies, you’ll notice that it is heavily skewed towards acquisition tactics. And that the customer is -more often than not- not at the core of decision-making processes.

The purpose of this event is to help decision-makers in marketing & IT understand that the pursuit of long term profitability should be accompanied by a big focus on existing customers. And not only on acquiring new ones. How? By learning more about the 3 pillars of customer-centricity & loyalty: innovation, data & marketing.


Recent blog in HBR : The Loyalty Economy



More info on speakers & agenda coming soon!




The event will take place at The Market. A beautiful location in the South of Antwerp. There is ample parking space within walking distance (< 5 min.) near the ‘Gedempte Zuiderdokken’ and the ‘Scheldekaaien’.



Their bistro will provide delicious healthy snacks & small meals before the event and during breaks. We foresee an after-work drink on their courtyard. ‘Cafe de Vismijn’ lurks around the corner.



BossData: helps retailers & service providers acquire new customers through online channels (acquisition) and to earn more on their existing customer base (retention/loyalty). Data steers all decision-making.


Board of Innovation: Helps you develop realistic action plans for growth by challenging your innovation portfolio & priorities. Trusted by Fortune500 and global innovators.


Element 61: Their goal is to help clients make money through and with data. They help brainstorm on data use-cases, define a business strategy and build a roadmap to turn data into ROI. Element61 focuses heavily on coaching and co-development when implementing your AI Use-case.


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