Below you will find an update on three new companies we have partnered up with.


Yes, we partnered up with the leading web shop in the Netherlands and Belgium!

We are extremely proud as we are one of 2 Belgian companies (total of 9 companies) to be introduced as a Bol specialist on their all new partner platform.

BossData can help you with: buy box optimization, feed management, price & margin optimization.

As Bol partners we have direct communication lines to each and every category manager and advertising specialists (e.g. sponsored products, online bannering,  .. ).

We have elaborate experience with marketplace advertising. If you have any questions regarding marketplace advertising, contact us. We can help you connect with over 40+ marketplaces worldwide across 9 countries.


Channable is an online based product data feed tool powerful enough to create, optimize and export your feeds to over 500 comparison websites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces.

It’s a quick and effective feed management tool that has our preference over other tools because they keep developing their product at a quick pace and keep up with new trends in the market. Besides that, they really listen to their partners when it comes to developing new features.

As Channable partner we are happy to introduce ourselves as ‘Feed Management Specialists’. Channable lets all of our colleagues attend their basic & advanced in-house training days to ensure that we can optimally serve our client’s needs.

Update = we have won the use case of the year award (2019). Read more about it here. 



Omnia Retail is our third and last 2018 partner. Omnia helps retailers regain control, save time and drive profitable growth by automating optimal pricing and maximizing returns from online marketing channels.

As we are working with a lot of big retailers, we are confronted with continuously changing margins & prices. A partnership with the leading dynamic pricing service in the BeNeLux and Nordics allows us to keep up-to-date to newest trends in this dynamic landscape.


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