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BossData created a 3-week’ omnichannel marketing’ video course. Receive interesting videos directly in your mailbox on a weekly basis.

Not a lot of experience with omnichannel marketing yet? Or would you like to refresh the basics? Then this video course is suited for you.


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📊 88% of shoppers search online for product information (source).

📊 14% use their smartphone in the store to find deals (source).

📊 And yet … 90% of all purchases still take place in the offline store chain (source).

This means that your customer is present on many different channels before, during and after their purchase. In this video course, we will teach you how you -as a marketer- can adapt to this new trend.



Learn from a market leader in omnichannel marketing


We have successfully set up omnichannel strategies for 20+ different companies. We’ve made mistakes so you won’t have to make them in the future.

To the point

We have done our very best to create content that is easy to digest without compromising on the quality of the content.

Extra content

Each video of the course is accompanied by additional content. You will get access to a store visit calculator, a case study & an omnichannel dashboard Google DataStudio template.


As a manager, you’re always busy. We don’t want to waste your time. Each video lasts a maximum of 3 minutes and we guarantee that you will learn something from it.


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Disclaimer: the video course is in Dutch. Subtitles will be added in English soon. 


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