The times they are a-changing! What NEW things did we pick up, enjoyed, etc?


1) NEW Way to Spend your Time:  Meetings.. Calls.. Emails.. Slack.. Colleagues.. When you’re at work, your mind is constantly being pulled left to right. And like it or not, this is preventing you from seeing the forest for the trees. That’s why we’d recommending taking a ‘Schultz hour‘, once every week. It’s an hour of solitude (no smartphones / laptops / smartwatches / ..) in which you take time to think about the strategic aspects of your job. It is named after George Schultz (U.S. secretary of state in the 1980s) who sat in silence in his office for one hour once a week. Only to be disrupted by the president .. or his wife. Talk about a guy who has his priorities straight! Why? According to him, it prevented him from working solely on day-to-day operations and allowed him to consider the larger questions instead.. Who knows.. A regular Schultz hour might come in handy when you’re setting up your 2021 marketing plans. Read all about it here. 


2) NEW Win for Economics: Paul Milgron & Robert Wilson gratefully accepted the 2020 Nobel Prize for Economics for their work on ‘auction theory’. (Look at these two, aren’t they the cutest.) What struck us, is how little we know about auctions and how important their role still is in modern society. When we think about auctions, we only tend to think about ‘ye olde‘ farm auctions or high-end fancy art auctions. (T-rex for sale, anyone?) While in fact, auctions are way more prevalent than you’d assume. They are still in use to sell e.g. internet bandwidth (also 5G), electricity, emission allowances, and more. Basically, they come in play whenever you’re selling something which has a value which is hard to pinpoint.. That’s also the main reason why Google resorted to auctions to sell their ad inventory (keywords) for example. Here you’ll find a quick refresher on how the auction works. 


3) NEW Way to Spice Up your Marketing Efforts: If someone asks you, ‘How are your digital marketing campaigns managed?’, and your answer is ‘I have no idea.’ or ‘Could be better.‘, then you’re in luck! BossData offers opportunity reports to companies who want to rekindle their marketing efforts. What you’ll get? Three things! 1) An evaluation of all your current digital channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ..) tested against our best practices, 2) a comprehensive list of quick-wins tailored to your company, and lastly 3) a step-by-step long term plan to achieve the marketing goals you have set out to achieve in the coming months & years. Learn more / Enroll here.


4) NEW Fun AI initiative:How normal are you?’ A question technology critic Tijmen Schep answers with a little help from our AI overlords. He made a tool (in collaboration with the European Commission) which ‘grades’ your face (a score from 1 to 10), and predicts your age & BMI (and more) with specialized machine learning algorithms. TLDR, this tool helps you find out how your face is judged by artificial intelligence. Want to find out if Tinder grades you a 9 or a 2? Do the test here.


5) NEW Word to Add to your Dictionary: Last time we introduced ‘thumb-stopping’ as a new marketing term, this time we’d like to introduce you to ‘blands‘ (a play of words on brands). What are those? According to Ben Schott (a Bloomberg columnist), blands are “all startups that seek to disrupt a smug status quo or originate and dominate an entirely new niche. What makes a brand a bland is duality: claiming simultaneously to be unique in product, and groundbreaking in purpose, while slavishly obeying an identikit formula of business model, look and feel, and tone of voice.”

That’s a lot of words.. An example might help. Have a look at the image below, it contains 6 ‘blands’ in the same toothbrush vertical. See how they ooze the same vibe and brand message?  Read the full article here, the author collected a ton of ‘blands’ for you. 


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1) Joke :

To celebrate Amazon Prime Day, we have lined up an exclusive interview with Jeff Bezos for you. Enjoy!


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