1) NEW ‘Hobby’ we picked up: A few of us at the office, have finally caved and picked up podcasts. Its growing popularity has probably left you wondering whether it’s something you’d like as well. We get that. So we wanted to give you a head start. Take a closer look at the Freakonomics podcast by Stephen Dubner. Stephen is an economist by trade, but if you’ve read any of his books – which we highly recommend – you know that his goal is to ‘discover the hidden side of everything’. Expect mind-boggling topics like: ‘What is more lethal? Guns or swimming pools?’, ‘The economics of drug dealing.’ & ‘How to fail like a pro’.


2) NEW Superhero Squad We learned about: Recently, we heard about the existence of the notorious/infamous ‘Amazon S team’. The leader of the pack, their superman, is -of course- Jeff Bezos himself, but what about the other 21 members that make part of this secretive leadership crew at Amazon. Appointing not 1, not 2 but 3 (!) voice-technologists in this ‘S team’ gives us a relatively good idea of what they think is going to be an important asset in the near future. Read more here.


3) NEW word we added to our vocabulary: ‘Thumb-stopping’. Thumb-stopping describes exemplary content, typically viewed on a mobile device, that catches the attention of the user and causes them to stop scrolling. Check out these 6 ads, which stop the scroll!


4) NEW Stuff we are working on: Soon (July), Matthias will host an online CMO roundtable with some of the best & brightest marketing minds in Belgium & the Netherlands. He’ll be joined by CMO’s at, Europ Assistance,, Foodmaker & Vacansoleil to discuss how digital marketing will evolve in the near future. We’ll send out some invites to join in due time!


5) NEW YouTube video we loved: 68-Year-old Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, shares 68 pieces of unsolicited advice in this video. The advice ranges from ‘Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points.’ to ‘Never get involved in a land war in Asia.’ & ‘Don’t trust all-purpose glue’. It’s a great watch. We HIGHLY recommend it.



How marketers think their marketing automation campaign works vs. How it really works..

That’s it for now. If all goes well, you’ll hear from us in 2 weeks.


Peace out!