1) NEW Stock we wish we Bought: Shopify stock has been ‘on a roll’ recently. If you had bought $10,000 Shopify shares on the dip on March 16, the investment would have appreciated by 167% to a staggering $26,950 balance by June 22. Stonks! The main driver of this price surge is their new collaboration with Facebook. This partnership will allow sellers to create customized online storefronts on Facebook. It looks like Facebook is serious about entering the financial market (let’s forget about that god awful Libra coin for a second).


2) NEW Newsletter we Subscribed to: Robinhood Snacks. ‘Their content helps us stay constantly on top of financial business news in a non-boring, non-dry, and super simple way.’ Only if you’re into daily newsletters of course! Subscribe here.


3) NEW App we Tested: Despite the growing adoption of ‘new’ communication tools like Slack & Zoom, good old-fashioned e-mail isn’t going anywhere soon. However, mail (and Gmail in particular) did not have a major usability update in years.. And people are kind of noticing it. Basecamp, the makers of the ‘Hey’ app addressed the issue and reinvented email while they were at it. Is the hype real? We’ll let you guys decide. Check it out here


4) NEW Blog Article we Loved: The cries for justice from the Black Lives Matter movement have swept nations worldwide. And rightfully so. But who would have thought that this movement had a ‘marketing’ problem, which was ultimately solved by Ben & Jerry’s… Wait what? Yes, read that sentence again. And have a closer look at this article. 


5) NEW Research that Triggered Us:  It’s so so strange to watch the politicization of face masks in the United States. Instead of face masks, investment bank Goldman Sachs decided to put their money where their mouth is. They went ahead and quantified the economic impact of not wearing face masks. The unequivocal headline of their study reads: ‘Wear a mask, save 1 trillion dollars.’ Full study here. 

1) Joke :

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