What is this RFM tool for?

Use this tool to create brand new segments (based on transactional data) you can target on ad platforms from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Simply upload your database and we do the rest for you.

🖱️ Not familiar with RFM segmentation? Read all about it here.

How will the RFM tool help your business?

You’ll receive a total of 10 audiences divided over low- , medium- & high-value segments. Each and every audience can be targeted within email & paid media campaigns (Facebook-, Google- & LinkedIn Ads, etc.).

Low Value

Low Recency / Low Frequency

Who? : Customers who have bought a relatively long time ago and not too often.

Tactic: How can you decrease spending on these low value customers? Exclude them in specific paid acquisition campaigns and focus on “cheaper” acquisition by e-mail.

Medium Value

Medium Recency / Medium Frequency

Who? : Customers who have bought not that long ago and moderately often.

Tactic? : Promote your medium-value clients to high-value clients, for example, by convincing them to choose a more expensive package. An example of this is LinkedIn Premium.

High Value

Highest Recency / Highest Frequency

Who? : Customers who have bought recently and often.

Tactic? : Recognize them and give them love. Keep a finger on the pulse and show them your appreciation, for example with privileges – from an invitation to HQ, to early access to new products or services.

How does the RFM tool work?

Before we can head into the good stuff, we need to get some legal stuff straight. But don’t worry, we have made the process as easy as possible for you.

Step 1 : Send over a signed copy of the DPA


We have to handle the important stuff first. First off, you download our data processing agreement and fill in your company details. This way we ensure the protection of any personal data we handle. You can attach this document in the form below. Without this, we will not proceed, unfortunately.

Step 2 : Send over your database


We countersign the DPA and send it back to you. We both have a signed copy now. At this point, all things legal are handled and the fun begins. Next up, you will send us your transaction database (preferrably anonymized) of the last 12 months (min. 1000 transactions). Reach out to hello@bossdata.be if you have a hard time figuring out how to extract it.

Step 3 : Experiment with your new RFM segments


The RFM tool automatically segments your entire database into low- / medium- / high-value customers based on their historical purchases and we send them over to you. Besides this, you’ll receive a whitepaper with over 15 documented strategies (tailored to RFM segments) to unleash on your newly acquired segments. We are more than happy to talk about the results, but that is entirely up to you.

Let’s get started

Read the instructions? Feel free to proceed and fill in the form (including the signed DPA). Read this article if you are not yet convinced you need to improve your segmentation techniques.

    We’ll get back to you within 24hours. BossData guarantee.