Why should you watch this webinar?

👉 You are responsible for achieving growth in your company;

👉 You are looking for best practices in lead generation;

👉 You want to 10x your lead generation strategy;

👉 You want to learn more about the ideal lead dashboard.


In this webinar we discuss


👉 How to define KPIs? What is a quality lead?

👉 How many leads do I need to grow my business?

👉 What is the maximum cost per lead?

👉 What tooling should I use to monitor this process?


If you think this is basic information. You’re right!


This webinar does not promise you ’37 ways to quickly generate leads’ or to ‘double your lead count in 7 days’. Because content that works for a certain company does not necessarily work for another.

By going back to the basics and learning more about the basic principles of lead generation, you’ll be able to grow your business significantly faster.


Download the slide deck of the webinar here.


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