Channable Use case of the Year Award 2019


Hurray! 🥳

When Channable approached us with the request to enter, we had several unique cases in mind as we rely heavily on their platform in many collaborations.

We ended up picking our recent work with ERA (international real estate broker).

ERA is a franchise with over 45 independent brokers & 100 offices all over Belgium. Every one of these brokers has a different budget, KPI framework, and ROAS goals. Together, they own over 27.000 real estate properties.


How did we help ERA?


We created an automated broker-side system in which every broker :

👉 only advertises in areas they have house listings in;
👉 only advertises on keywords for areas that brokers engage with and have active listings in;
👉 spends only as much as he is willing to spend on ads;
👉 re-engages visitors with dynamic ads that actively up- and cross-sell.


TLDR: We ended up creating a system in which every independent broker exclusively advertises on A. keywords related to his house listings and B. Only in areas where they have active house listings in 4 different channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tweedehands, DoubleClick). At the same time, we respected unique budget limits and complex company rules (e.g., only advertise in the area if a broker has over six house listings in the area).



Automation is all fun and games, but we would not have submitted this use case if we could not back it up with improved results for ERA.

⬆️ Higher ad relevancy created a 324 % uplift in conversion rate from Google Ads

⬆️ 2434% more new users as a direct result from a combined effort in advertising

⬆️ 7.900 Goal completions from Google Ads in 2019 Q1 and Q2

As imagined, this called for advanced automation, and Channable was our weapon of choice. Check out the presentation we presented at Channable below.



Additionally, we would like to congratulate other nominees Greenhouse Group & Happy Idiots with their submissions. Great work.


Are you facing similar issues within your organization, feel free to connect and discuss.


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