BossData Academy is elated to unveil a landmark partnership with the esteemed Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM). This collaboration is set to amplify our mission of offering top-tier digital marketing education to a diverse audience of marketers, both novice and experienced.


About BAM


BAM, representing the Belgian Association of Marketing, stands as a beacon for marketing inspiration and innovation within Belgium. With a mission rooted in creating value and fostering enduring relationships, BAM is committed to imparting the essence of meaningful marketing to all who engage with the association. BAM’s ethos is further enriched by its emphasis on sustainability, inclusion & diversity, technology, and privacy & ethics. This holistic approach ensures that marketing remains a pivotal force within organizations, driving them towards success and relevance in today’s dynamic landscape. Believing in the power of collaboration and community, BAM operates as an open community, actively pursuing partnerships. The BAM network serves as a vibrant hub where professionals can discover inspiration, gain knowledge, and experience the benefits of cross-pollination.


Pioneering Digital Marketing Education


BossData Academy stands out as a leading institution offering comprehensive Dutch-language digital marketing courses. Our curriculum is designed to propel individuals in their digital marketing journey, backed by experts with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing realm.

Our unique learning platform combines interactive videos, real-life assignments, and weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.

Key offerings include:

  • Career Courses : A comprehensive course spanning 12 to 16 modules, ideal for beginners, encompassing over 150 hours of material and one-on-one coaching for each module.
  • Micro Courses : A focused micro-course offering 40+ hours of material on specific areas like social advertising, web analytics, and search engine marketing.
  • Skill Tracks : Quick and efficient single-module courses targeting specific marketing skills, allowing learners to swiftly master a new marketing technique.

These courses are designed to be immediately applicable, allowing students to integrate their newfound knowledge directly into their professional roles or businesses.


A Bright Future Ahead


As we embark on this exciting journey together, our partnership with BAM symbolizes BossData Academy’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and the continuous advancement of the marketing profession. By integrating BAM’s rich legacy and vision with our cutting-edge educational approach, we are poised to shape the future of digital marketing in Belgium and beyond. We invite all marketing enthusiasts, businesses, and professionals to join us in this transformative endeavor and look forward to the remarkable milestones we will achieve together.