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The Strategic Part

1. Goal

Together we define what you want to achieve as a company. What are your business objectives? We need to know where we are going. Next is the roadmap.

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2. Strategy

How are we going to achieve your business objectives? What is the most effective way to reach your ambitions for the company?

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3. KPI-Framework

We capture the efficiency of our strategy and goals by identifying key performance indicators.

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1. Goal

Together we define the business objective(s) of your company or campaign. Why does it exist. Every level of your organisation needs to agree to the objectives we have set together. This means we need to discuss, deliberate and consult with each other to encourage decision making. If we set too vague goals, nothing will get done. The objectives should be SMART.

The objectives can for example be:

  • Brand awareness: your digital efforts needs to support your growth in brand awareness.
  • Generate leads: we want to generate more leads both on- and offline.
  • Increase profitability: the cost per acquisition of a new customer has to decrease.


We make sure the objectives you have set are specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time specific.

2. Strategy

We have clearly defined what we want to achieve. Next up is to look at the roadmap. Our ambition is to reach the goals we have set together. What is the most effective way to reach potential buyers? Is search, remarketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, affiliate, email etc. the best way to attract new leads? But what about your website, apps, conversion optimisation, onboarding or up-selling strategy etc? It’s like an engine, everything needs to work in perfect synchrony.

We look at all aspects that your customers have to experience before they convert. We want to achieve the goals we have set in the most ROI positive driven way. This is why we want to have an impact on all digital aspects. We collect data, analyse and define a next step. We will call you in the middle of the night to discuss what we want to do.  We do not stop. We aim for digital excellence.

3. KPI Framework

For us the numbers count. A key performance indicator is a metric that shows us how we are doing in relation to your objectives. The framework makes sure that all the efforts we do to achieve the goals become transparant and non negotiable. We choose awesome KPI’s for example:


  • For leads we track conversions, downloads, calls, emails etc.
  • For brand awareness we track branded traffic, loyalty
  • For increase in profitability we track cost per conversion, churn


We collect data that you/we can take action on. Now that we have the data to back our actions, we don’t take a leap of faith anymore. We test, learn, pivot and do it all over again. These are the metrics that will define success.

We want to generate true value for your company. Every KPI represents a value. Some are clear and simple to determine, others are more difficult and challenging. Since we live in a multi channel world we will always strive to get a holistic view on the value that is generated via both digital and offline.

The Operational Part

4. Analytics

Analytics is the core that enables to see what the outcome of the strategy is. We rely heavily on a comprehensive implementation.

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5. Channels

Marketing channels are the fuel for reaching the goals. We excel in high volume & highly competitive markets.

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6. Reporting

Collecting mountains of data is useless on itself. We translate data into actionable insights for every level within your organisation.

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4. Analytics

Having both a KPI framework and the technical skills to eventually implement it, is a major step towards ‘world domination’. We have all the technical skills in house to let your KPI framework become operational. To successfully do this, we are certified to use a wide variety of tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. We always push these tools to their limits, to make the unmeasurable measurable. 

It is of great importance that your analytics implementation is unquestionably free of error right from the start. How will you be able to spot trends when you’ve made mistakes along the way, and your historical data is polluted? You just can’t. Not to mention all the wrong decisions you’ll make based on inaccurate data. At BossData however, your analytics implementation is in good hands.

5. Channels

Online marketing is like a toolbox. You won’t use a hammer if your goal is to paint a wall. There is always an optimal set of tools you’ll use for each goal you set. In the same way, there is always an optimal set of online marketing channels to achieve your business goals. For some Facebook is a real conversion driver while for others it is not. Based on extensive knowledge within both high volume & high competition advertising markets, we can accurately define the ideal set of channels for your business.


Hyper segmentation. A/B Testing. Scaling. Diversification. We use all of this to maximize your ROI.


Hyper segmentation results in hyper relevancy. Hyper relevancy results in a hyper increase of conversion rates. In other words: the better we segment – audiences, campaigns, ads, keywords, websites, channels – the better your result.


With that in mind segmenting is a continuous process at BossData. Particularly in high volume markets, segmentation is like digging up pure gold.


Test. Fail fast. Win big.


We test ad infinitum. We improve ad infinitum. Testing allows us to continuously revise and improve your website, campaigns, ad texts and visuals. The great advantage of testing? There is always a winner and a loser. Holding onto the winner and setting aside the loser will make you win big time.


Testing is like a flywheel for campaigns. If we are able to increase the conversion rate of your website – as a result of testing – with 10%, our campaigns become more profitable. This in its turn will result in us being able to advertise more aggressively. Say hi to even more leads and revenue.


A client once told us: “you are responsible to bring us to 90% as fast as possible”. True story. When clients hire us they expect big results very fast. And they are right.


We always look at ways to scale within the channels we use. We analyse data and look for patterns we can act on. This way we build, learn, fail and succeed fast. We never lose control though. Expect the unexpected when it comes to profit. Expect the expected when it comes to costs.


We do not have preferred channels, tools, partners. We are independent in our choosing. We only work with channels, tools, partners who best serve the goals we have set together.


We do not claim to be the best at everything. Instead, we call on experts within certain fields of expertise if this in necessary. When we are not in the lead we monitor and challenge others.

6. Reporting

We’ve collected tons of data and set up numerous campaigns. Now the time has come to transform this data into actionable insights. Raw brainpower comes at hand when giving sense to data, and it just happens that raw brainpower is abundant in our midst. Our analytical masterminds allow us to make the appropriate decisions based on data. This way we can make adjustments ad infinitum that will continuously improve your performance. 

We like to share these insights in your data. Our culture of transparency demands an open flow of information. So we developed an advanced method of reporting. 24/24, 7/7 you’ll be able to revise and consult all desired data. This report is fully customized to your business, needs and expectations, daily updated, always available. Moreover, it combines data from all possible data sources into 1 comprehensive, holistic and structured report. 

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