Graphic Designer – Junior

Seeking a junior graphic designer to create visually appealing designs for marketing materials and digital platforms. Must have a strong portfolio demonstrating creativity and proficiency in design software, with a willingness to learn and grow!

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Graphic Designer – Junior

Like all good things in life, it’s give and take. That’s why we first tell you what we offer. Then you will find what we expect from you.

We offer…

  • Ongoing training: We offer access to training resources, workshops, and courses to further develop your proficiency in graphic design software and related tools.Mentorship: Our creative team will provide guidance and mentorship to help you upgrade your skills.
  • Wide-ranging projects: You will work on diverse projects that will challenge and stretch your capabilities, allowing you to gain experience in different design disciplines.
  • Cross-functional collabs: We encourage collaboration across teams and professionals from different departments.
  • Feedback and performance reviews: Regular feedback sessions and performance reviews will be conducted to assess your progress and identify areas for improvement. We believe in providing constructive feedback to support your personal and professional development.
  • Industry Trends and Innovation: We stay abreast of the latest design trends and emerging technologies. You will have the chance to explore new tools and techniques, keeping you at the forefront of the industry.
  • Portfolio Development: We understand the importance of a strong portfolio in the graphic design field. We will assist you in curating and expanding your portfolio, showcasing your growth and achievements as a designer.


Who are we?

Your profile

Design skills

  • No need to be a black-belt designer. Just show us your passion for design.
  • You devour creative briefings. And make them even better with your own input. 
  • You’re a social media & website content machine. You feel confident making stuff like this (portfolio :
  • You know your way around tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma and Adobe XD. Tell us which one you prefer in your application! 

Communication skills

  • You’re a team player who loves a good collab.
  • You don’t want to be a middleman, but interact with clients yourself.   
  • You know making mistakes is human. But when you do, you own up. The solution is more important than the cause. 

Good Vibes

Let’s face it, you are at work more often than not.

We’d love for you to have some fun and uplift those around you.

Send in your application and we’ll talk soon.

Maybe we’ll be everything you love and nothing you don’t

There are a million reasons to love us, though we believe these will do the trick

Flexible work hours

Whether you’re a night rider or an early bird, you’ll fit in!

Unlimited holidays

Take as many vacation days as you want. Yes seriously, as many as you want.


We reward you with a fair wage and sweet fringe benefits on top.

Relaxed environment

Hot dog Thursdays, monthly team nights, milestone celebrations etc.

Team outings & parties

Lots of fun times ahead inside the office... and outside.


Friends have lunch together, and so should we.

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