Digital Marketer – Junior

Some digital marketers want to take it easy, we are looking for those who want to play in the majors.

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Digital Marketer – Junior

BossData is doing well and we are looking for a digital marketer to join us. We are looking for someone with a logical mind that can make thorough & good connections. Preferably you already have experience in digital marketing. Operational knowledge is certainly an asset but not an absolute must.

We often see it as follows. You should not just like digital marketing but be thrilled by it. You dare to take the initiative and are a go-getter. Do you have to be able to do everything? No of course not. You should like to learn it.

We greatly appreciate creativity, risk-taking and innovation. If you have a nice idea, then we are more than open to thinking along and giving you the chance to work it out. We are very transparent and this translates among other things into the fact that everyone has access to our own financials, wages, etc. We take important decisions, such as who we hire at BossData, together because we want everyones involvement and participation.

Why join us?

BossData is a data-driven marketing consulting agency. We want to make digital marketing so important that even the CEO wants to ‘get it’ while fostering an environment in which people become the best version of themselves.

Your profile

  • You have a healthy insight into business management.
  • You have an affinity with data and follow up on digital development and innovative possibilities.
  • You are entrepreneurial and that is expressed because you like to take the initiative.
  • You continuously develop your expertise by keeping an eye out for new developments in your field.
  • You are very strong in communication, both in speech and writing.
  • You analyse strongly and reason logically.
  • You are strong in planning and problem-solving thinking.
  • You are an ‘out of the box’ thinker and you go beyond the obvious ideas to obtain the best solution.
  • You can work independently, but also function well in a team.
  • You are an honest person and someone who wants to commit.


As a starting digital marketer at BossData, you’ll join our Young Potentials program.

Maybe we’ll be everything you love and nothing you don’t

There are a million reasons to love us, though we believe these will do the trick

Flexible work hours

Whether you’re a night rider or an early bird, you’ll fit in!

Unlimited holidays

Take as many vacation days as you want. Yes seriously, as many as you want.


We reward you with a fair wage and sweet fringe benefits on top.

Relaxed environment

Hot dog Thursdays, monthly team nights, milestone celebrations etc.

Team outings & parties

Lots of fun times ahead inside the office... and outside.


Friends have lunch together, and so should we.

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