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Digital Marketing Channels

We are operational experts within digital marketing. SEA, SEO, affiliate marketing, marketplaces, programmatic buying (RTB) & social media within high volume & high competition markets.

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Campaign Management

Our team of experts have technical, strategic and operational skill sets that enable us to reach the goals we have set together.

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Strategy & knowledge

Are you looking to increase the knowledge of your team? Or do you want a sparring partner to challenge your strategy?

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Digital Marketing Channels

There is always an optimal set of online marketing channels to achieve your business goals. For some Facebook can be a real conversion driver while for others it is the exact opposite. For many parties Google is both your best friend (SEO) and your biggest cost (SEA).


Based on extensive knowledge within both high volume & high competition advertising markets, we can accurately define the ideal set of channels for your business. Ranging from SEA & SEO to affiliate marketing, display advertising, marketplaces and social media.


Looking to maximise branding budget or sales revenue? We specialise in building SEA (Google Adwords, Bing Ads) campaigns for high volume & high competition markets. We optimize campaigns ranging from regular SEA to shopping, remarketing & feed based campaigns in all major search engines.


Organic will most likely be your most profitable channel. We tackle all aspects that you need to dominate the Google result pages. Onsite technical excellence go hand in hand with your content strategy and link authority.

Programmatic buying (RTB)

Do you wish to broaden your reach on high profile publisher websites? We help you obtain the best ad positions. Ranging from programmatic buying to fixed deals or branded content we help you to invest your budget in the best possible way.

Social media

Managing ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn is a different ball game altogether. The high level of expertise allows us to manage performance or brand campaigns of any type. Social media is a very powerful marketing channel that is evolving rapidly.

Marketplaces & resellers

Put your products in front of tens of millions of Amazon shoppers. Or promote your products on, the e-commerce leader in Belgium & The Netherlands. Bootstrap your products on marketplaces. But keep in mind the threats and challenges.

Affiliate marketing

The world of affiliate marketing is complex and has many challenges. BossData offers smart affiliate marketing campaigns that will maximise the return of your campaigns.

"First class agency so far, point final!"

Carl Vanormelingen, Digital B2B marketeer & NCA Campaign Manager Sage Belux

"Passion, power, a deal is a deal, nice to work with."

Veronique Albers, Teamleider Online Marketing Kwantum

"I will get a free lunch :). General happiness with the quality & follow up!"

Dennis Peeters, Manager at The House of Marketing

"Always there. Thinking along in terms of goals, logic, motivations, and budget"

Jorn Vanysacker, CMO at INTUO

"BossData is a very nice company to work with. Very accessible, friendly, attentive and intelligent. And yet open to discussion."

Layla Cuypers, Brand Manager Thomas More

"I would definitely recommend Bossdata. They have more than enough knowledge of online, specifically in analysing data. They keep you sharp and come up with good ideas about improvements. Very pragmatic and committed to the client goals. They keep a close eye on new developments within our market. Are clear and concrete in communication. And certainly most important, the people themselves are very pleasant and involved in cooperation and contact."

Carien Gorter, E-commerce Manager Kwantum

"Flexible and reliable data partner. Very loyal and able to work with digital agencies in a real partnership mode."

José Fernandez, - Managing Director DigitasLBi

"We have seen that the approach of Bossdata both on a campaign level but foremost on a business intelligence level is contributing to our success. They keep pushing us forward."

Owners, Direct Repair - Online Spares Specialist

"With BossData you know that results, transparency and communication will always prevail. Translating CM's vision into an ongoing strategy and operation is not something they sell, it's something they actually do."

Steven Hermans, Directeur Marketing & Communicatie at LCM (Christelijke Mutualiteit)

"Bossdata has thorough knowledge of strategy & technical aspects within digital marketing. Great team, highly committed."

Martijn Bovee, Marketing Manager Autotrack - Member of De Persgroep

"The first meeting with Bossdata was enlightening. I’ve spoking with many other ‘online-marketing-agencies’. The guys at Bossdata started with a police-like interrogation : who are you, what do you want, how are you going to get it,… . Honestly, it freaked me out, what did this guys want from me? Then it struck to me: understanding who we are, what our goals were was their blueprint. They analyse every possible solution to achieve my goal. Until today they still bother me weekly with new ideas and results. I’m getting a little bit tired of them, but I’ll survive!"

Louis Balleger, Owner & CEO of Easylife

Our cornerstones

We have experts that can help you with any of these channels. Our highly devoted team is specializing in all kind of different marketing fields therefore it enables us to create the best mix for every client. We do have 4 cornerstones that everybody has to keep in mind:


Hyper segmentation. A/B Testing. Scaling. Diversification. We use all of this to maximize your ROI.


Hyper segmentation results in hyper relevancy. Hyper relevancy results in a hyper increase of conversion rates. In other words: the better we segment – audiences, campaigns, ads, keywords, websites, channels – the better your result.


With that in mind segmenting is a continuous process at BossData. Particularly in high volume markets, segmentation is like digging up pure gold.


Test. Fail fast. Win big.


We test ad infinitum. We improve ad infinitum. Testing allows us to continuously revise and improve your website, campaigns, ad texts and visuals. The great advantage of testing? There is always a winner and a loser. Holding onto the winner and setting aside the loser will make you win big time.


Testing is like a flywheel for campaigns. If we are able to increase the conversion rate of your website – as a result of testing – with 10%, our campaigns become more profitable. This in its turn will result in us being able to advertise more aggressively. Say hi to even more leads and revenue.


A client once told us: “you are responsible to bring us to 90% as fast as possible”. True story. When clients hire us they expect big results very fast. And they are right.


We always look at ways to scale within the channels we use. We analyse data and look for patterns we can act on. This way we build, learn, fail and succeed fast. We never lose control though. Expect the unexpected when it comes to profit. Expect the expected when it comes to costs.


We do not have preferred channels, tools, partners. We are independent in our choosing. We only work with channels, tools, partners who best serve the goals we have set together.


We do not claim to be the best at everything. Instead, we call on experts within certain fields of expertise if this in necessary. When we are not in the lead we monitor and challenge others.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is necessary to control spend and targets we have set together with our clients. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to maximise the return in campaigns. As true performance marketers we are very critical when looking at how campaigns are setup. We continuously challenge ourselves to innovate.


Our proactive approach results in the least “learning money” clients take into account. We are in constant contact with clients to verify our findings. We want to test & learn quick so we can take decisive actions.

We believe in an open relationship with our clients. Therefore we will never do anything behind closed doors. We speak to clients on a weekly (even daily) basis. Just like we want to be informed about how the company is doing we want to inform them about how/ what we are doing. We want to be fully accountable for our actions.

We want to generate true value for your company. Every KPI represents a value. Some are clear and simple to determine, others are more difficult and challenging. Since we live in a multi channel world we will always strive to get a holistic view on the value that is generated via both digital and offline.

Strategy & Knowledge

You might not realise it but the most value is often added in the beginning of our collaboration. The why, how & what are the most important steps we take. Already at this stage the strategy we set out has to be future proof. We will discuss in detail what your ambitions are. We will be critical and will challenge you. This might scare you of but it’s so important to fully understand what you stand for.


Operations is often mistaken as the most important aspect of digital marketing. That’s not how we see it. A well-thought-out strategy leads to operational excellence. Everyone can set up a Google AdWords campaign. It’s the strategy behind it that makes the difference between great success and failure.

What our clients say

Transparency is important at BossData. We love to share insights about what our clients think about us.

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