Content Marketing

People don’t buy like it’s 2017 anymore. They don’t just wake up and decide to buy ‘something’.

Consumers are more informed than ever. They’re looking for solutions to their frustrations in life. At BossData we believe helping consumers with smart & beautiful content during their search is the way forward for brands to be more trusted by clients and increase sales.

Where left- & right-brained people meet.

At BossData we believe Content Marketing should spring from a well-thought strategy. We build ours through workshops, data & consumer interviews. Using these insights to spot content opportunities will create lasting impressions on your potential clients.

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Content types we create

Based on a strategic kick-off period, we spot content opportunities for your brand, that will resonate with your potential & existing clients. 

Ad Design & Copy

Transform your brand’s digital presence with engaging and visually compelling ads. Our expertly crafted designs and persuasive copy drive conversions and enhance brand recall.


With tailored blog content that resonates with your audience, we position your brand as an industry thought leader. This not only drives organic traffic, but also fosters customer loyalty and trust.

Organic Social Media

With engaging, authentic content tailored to each social platform, we help your brand form meaningful relationships with your audience and drive organic engagement and improve your brand image.

Marketing Automation

Leverage targeted content delivery at every stage of the customer journey with our marketing automation services. Personalized content experiences drive engagement, nurture leads, and foster customer loyalty on a large scale.

Landing Pages

Our compelling, content-focused landing pages are designed to captivate and convert. By merging persuasive storytelling with clear calls to action, we help you achieve your campaign goals.


Connect with your audience through consistent, value-driven newsletters that offer industry insights and brand updates. Our engaging newsletter content helps maintain customer engagement and nurtures enduring brand loyalty.


Be where your customer’s search behaviour is. Whenever potential clients have any type of question relating to your offer? We provide them with the right content based on relevant keywords

E-Books & Whitepapers

We help you create larger content pieces so valuable your potential clients are willing to leave their email addresses for it. A valuable source of information to optimise your advertising audiences, marketing automation or create leads for sales to follow-up.

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Strategic Kick-off
Up and Running after 8 Weeks

Every collaboration starts with a strategic intake. We zoom in on your target audience’s needs and challenges. These insights shape our tailored content approach, perfectly matching your buyer persona’s demands and fostering a deeper brand connection.





Buyer Persona workshop

Week 0 – 2

What are your biggest buyer personas. How do they think & handle?

  • Clear buyer personas
  • Preferred way of communication
  • Content opportunities

A detailed buyer persona enables precise, appealing content that directly aligns with your audience’s needs. This leads to higher engagement, improved conversions, and strengthened customer loyalty.

Buyer Journey interviews

Week 2 – 5

What does your buyer persona’s decision-making process look like?

  • Interviews with buyer personas
  • Information needs in every stage of the buyer funnel
  • Real client decision insights

Understanding the buyer’s journey allows for tailored content that aligns with each stage, enhancing customer engagement and conversion. This strategic approach streamlines the path to purchase, enriching the overall customer experience.

Content strategy

Week 5-8

We create a tailor-made content approach to foster your buyer persona’s needs

  • Content strategy report
  • Content roadmap
  • Real-life customer insights

A strategy grounded in buyer personas and journeys tailors content to engage and convert your ideal audience effectively. This precision boosts content efficiency, customer satisfaction, and marketing ROI.

Content collaboration


Based on the insights of the strategical kick-off, we start creating valuable content.

  • Content based on your BP’s information needs
  • Relevant channel selection
  • Experienced designers & copywriters

Qualitative content, rooted in strategic research, enhances content relevancy and engagement. This approach elevates the impact of your content, driving higher conversions and strengthening brand loyalty.

*No strings attached.


It is a way for us to highlight the added value we bring to the table. What are you waiting for…  You’ve got nothing to lose right?

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