UNHCR Case Study

How we helped one of Belgium’s biggest e-commerce companies achieve ambitious growth targets in an increasingly competitive & “automation dependant” landscape.

UNHCR Case Study

The UN Refugee Agency, or UNHCR, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights, and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.

Balancing Acquisition & Retention

Finding new donors is 1 thing. Finding donors that continue to support the cause is another thing. UNHCR Belgium asked BossData to develop and manage digital acquisition programs to recruit and retain quality donor through various innovative channels or drivers, with a specific focus on donor acquisition as well as quality leads, in order to:


  • Increase donations, both one-off and regular;
  • Improve donor loyalty and long-time value

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“With BossData you know that results, transparency and communication will always prevail. Translating CM’s vision into an ongoing strategy and operation is not something they sell, it’s something they actually do.”

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Steven Hermans

Directeur Marketing & Communicatie at LCM (Christelijke Mutualiteit)

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Branding & performance marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Strategic reporting
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“The first meeting with Bossdata was enlightening. It was like a police-like interrogation : who are you, what do you want, how are you going to get it. Then it struck me: their goal is to grasp the bottomline of my business.”

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Louis Ballegeer

CEO & owner at EasyLife

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Business strategy
  • Salesforce & Google Analytics
  • Performance marketing
  • Training
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“I would definitely recommend BossData. They have more than enough knowledge of online, specifically in analyzing data. They also keep a close eye on new developments within our market. Passion, power, a deal is a deal, nice to work with.”

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Veronique Albers

Cross Channel Manager Kwantum

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Research Online & Purchase offline
  • Digital Strategy
  • Performance Marketing
  • Strategic Reporting
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“Simple. It immediately resulted in more sales! We now finally know what our online efforts actually deliver in our physical stores.”

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Dietrich Thieren

Marketing manager Sleepworld, Sleepy & Easysleep

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Research Online & Purchase offline
  • Digital Strategy
  • Performance Marketing
  • Strategic Reporting
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“BossData is a very nice company to work with. Very accessible, friendly and intelligent. And yet open to discussion. Warmly recommended for optimizing your digital presence on the web!”

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Layla Cuypers

Brand Manager Thomas More

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Remarketing
  • Strategic reporting
  • RoPo effect
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“Bossdata has thorough knowledge of strategy & technical aspects within digital marketing. Great team, highly committed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to take their business to the next level. “

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Martijn Bovée

Marketing Manager Autotrack - Member of De Persgroep

Why did we choose BossData?

  • Digital strategy
  • Performance marketing
  • Ad technology
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“Always there. Thinking along in terms of goals, logic, motivations, and budget. Nice team to work with, who keep the intended result in mind. There is always room for improvement, but we’ll get there together. “

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Jorn Vanysacker


Why did we choose BossData?

  • Social advertising
  • Account based marketing
  • Digital strategy
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Our Solution

It all started with an opportunity report in which we identified current bottlenecks & opportunities to their current digital marketing stack. Next up, we entered the groundwork phase focusing on reporting & a new goal framework. Now, it was time to scale & diversify their current marketing mix. We ended up organizing workshops & traineeships for their internal marketing peeps in order for them to become better data-informed marketers.





Opportunity Report

Week 0 – 2

What are threats & opportunities of current marketing strategy & operations?

  • Paid Marketing channels Audit
  • Website performance Scan
  • Gap Analysis
  • Buyer Journey Review
  • Technical Audit
  • What future strategies could be beneficial for your company?
  • A tailor-made plan which consists of quick wins & long term strategies.

The Groundwork

Week 2 – 4

How do we determine marketing success/failure on a company-wide level?

  • Revise current measurement plan
  • Revise current ‘Goals & KPI’ framework
  • Adapt a new marketing mindset
  • Set up new reporting & dashboards (Google DataStudio / BigQuery)

Scale & Diversify


How can we leverage opportunities that we identified in the opportunity scan?

  • Vertical: focus on existing channels that display a large growth margin
  • Downgrade efforts on underperforming, campaigns, channels, ..
  • Horizontal : diversify current marketing mix
  • Progressive marketing experiments
  • Pivot into new strategies if needed

Talent Development


How can we lower the dependency of external consultants?

  • Basic to advanced workshops for existing employees ( e.g. internal promotions )
  • New operational marketing hire? We’ll show him the ropes as quickly as possible!
  • Traineeships new hires.

The Impact

Our collaboration is still in full swing.

We’ll provide an update soon. 

Want to grow like UNHCR?

Are you facing a similar challenge? Or are you curious about how we can help your company? Just like UNHCR, you can start with an ‘Opportunity Report’.

You’ll receive an overview of quick fixes with a guaranteed short term ROI but also a long term plan to achieve strategic successes.

Your Report will include feedback on:

Search & Social Advertising

Short- & long-tail keywords, campaign structure, overall account hygiene, budget optimizations, untapped potential, visuals, copywriting, value proposition, audiences, etc.

Website Review

Wondering whether or not your website is leaking conversions? We’ll have a look at your value proposition, call to actions, forms, page speed, UX /UI, copywriting, lead magnets, …

Tracking Audit

Overall Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager settings. In GA: audience reports, custom reports, filter inclusion, goal & e-commerce tracking & custom reports.

Competitive Analysis

Where do you rank among your competitors? Are you still as innovative as you were 2 years ago? We’ll make a competitive analysis and dive into comparative metrics, keywords, etc.

Buyer Journey Analysis

Other channels : marketplaces (Amazon / Bol) , affiliate marketing comparison websites (vergelijk.be, ..) , .. (all client specific accounts)

Gap Analysis

An analysis of your current digital marketing efforts and channels to gain a more detailed understanding of the gaps between what is there right now and what you are striving for.

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✅  Step 2: Privacy first. We send over a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ in which we guarantee that all data will be handled confidentially and that all access to accounts will be revoked after the scan.


✅  Step 3: The results. 8 to 10 days after the first call, we will ask you to set up a call to walk through the results of the opportunity scan. Afterward, it is entirely up to you and your team to determine if you want to move on & have a look at a potential future partnership.

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