Sleepworld Case Study

How we helped Belgium’s biggest bedding retail maintain market leadership by adopting an omnichannel mindset & act accordingly.


Sleepworld is the largest sleep retailer in Belgium and is the owner of 3 store formulas: Sleepworld, Sleepy, and EasySleep. They are a market leader in Belgium in mattresses, box springs, beds, sleepwear, and more. In short, they offer a surprisingly complete range of products for your bedroom at a guaranteed fair price. 

Omnichannel : Combining webshop & physical store sales

We live in an omnichannel world where products are sold on multiple platforms, marketing touchpoints are planted on every (street)corner and consumers’ attention is being caught whenever they’re entering the online or offline world.

Sleepworld understood that the line between on- and offline is increasingly thinner.  Understanding omnichannel and its challenges resulted in 3 important questions that needed an answer for them.


  •  How can we measure the impact of digital campaigns on offline revenue? 
  •  How can we maximize the impact of digital campaigns on offline revenue?
  •  How can we visualize the total ROI (on- & offline) from our digital campaigns?

An Omnichannel Strategy

in 4 to 6 Weeks

We started by assessing Sleepworld’s current efforts (opportunity report) which we then scaled & diversified. We entered an ongoing collaboration after week 4 and organized webshops to get the internal team up to speed. Easy does it.





Opportunity Report

Week 0 – 2

What are threats & opportunities of current marketing strategy & operations?

  • Paid Marketing channels Audit
  • Website performance Scan
  • Gap Analysis
  • Buyer Journey Review
  • Technical Audit
  • What future strategies could be beneficial for your company?
  • A tailor-made plan which consists of quick wins & long term strategies.

The Groundwork

Week 2 – 4

How do we determine marketing success/failure on a company-wide level?

  • Revision of the current measurement plan
  • Revision of the current ‘Goals & KPI’ framework
  • Adapt a new marketing mindset
  • Set up new reporting & dashboards (Google DataStudio / BigQuery)

Scale & Diversify


How can we leverage opportunities that we identified in the opportunity scan?

  • Vertical: focus on existing channels that display a large growth margin
  • Downgrade efforts on underperforming, campaigns, channels, ..
  • Horizontal : diversify current marketing mix
  • Progressive marketing experiments
  • Pivot into new strategies if needed

Talent Development


How can we lower the dependency of external consultants?

  • Basic to advanced workshops for existing employees ( e.g. internal promotions )
  • New operational marketing hire? We’ll show him the ropes as quickly as possible!
  • Traineeships new hires.

+287% Growth in Marketing Revenue

  • A lot of expensive products were generating way more revenue than we thought. Previously, these products generated a significant amount of clicks but barely any online sales. It is clear now that these clicks generated tons of previously unnoticed store revenue (probably because people want to touch these products in real-life). 


  • New up- & cross-sell opportunities: visitor X visits the Sleepworld store offline and purchases a mattress. Sometime later, we notify this person via banners & email about the availability of pillows, duvet covers, or pajamas in the webshop.


  • Quantitative: Omnichannel management resulted in months where we almost tripled revenue (+287%) compared to last year. (

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