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We are committed to your personal and professional development. That’s why we foster an environment in which people become the best version of themselves.

Meet your colleagues.

It sure *sounds* nice to get an unlimited number of holidays, but how many did our colleagues take last year? This was just one of many questions we asked our beloved colleagues Michael, Robine, and Arno.

What’s in it for you?

To become the best, you need a state of the art onboarding trajectory that guides you towards your expertise. Here are some of the ways we aim to bring the best out of you.

Radical Candor

Here at BossData, we truly value what you think and want you to be candid about it, even if it is controversial. Your voice counts, so let us hear you roar.

Superstars & Rock Stars

To keep a team cohesive, we need both rock stars & superstars. Apply and you will find out what it might mean for you.

360° Feedback

360° feedback is given to you on a continuous basis, and we expect you to do the same. Your development goes hand in hand with ours, so you can be transparent and provide us with feedback at all times.


Appreciation is something we find very important as it drives motivation. We constantly challenge the status quo and instantaneously look for next steps. So, celebrating our successes keeps us going.

Learning & development

Your curiosity is the main driver for learning. It’s part of your job to grow by continuously learning new things. It’s our job to make sure you like what you do so much, that staying curious isn’t even a concern.

High performance

As part of a high performance team, we expect you to add value to it. We don’t care how much hours you put in the job… We care about the effectiveness of those hours. How much, how quickly and how well can you do your job?

What if you could join a team and…

Learn more in 6 months than you did all of last year?

Surround yourself with fun, smart coworkers?

Help companies improve results & see the results of your work?

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Job openings

Digital Marketer

Some digital marketers want to take it easy, we are looking for those who want to play in the majors.

Graphic Designer (student job)

Seeking student graphic designer to create visually appealing designs for marketing materials and digital platforms. Must have a strong portfolio demonstrating creativity and proficiency in design software, with a willingness to learn and grow!

Strategic Copywriter

You want to transform the ideas of your customers into throught-provoking content that spraks awareness and drives conversion.

Marketplace Account Manager

Own and drive the performance and results for our clients’ digital investments in marketplaces.

Senior Digital Marketeer

Own and drive the performance and results for our clients’ digital investments in the relevant channels.

Business Developer

Finding leads, and closing deals. That's what gets you going.


Some students become experts at something before graduating, you can too.