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“Your company can rely on our experienced team of speakers to take the stage at international business conferences, to present board meetings, or to host strategy and planning sessions. ”

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It is quite a task to choose the right speaker for an event or congress. After all, every audience, theme and topic is different. In addition, every event, congress, seminar or team day also has a different objective. But whichever way you look at it. The success of an event depends 100% on the quality of your speakers. The adage ‘content is king’ holds up in this context as well.

A good speaker takes your event to the next level. It’s that simple.

Your company can rely on our experienced team of speaker talent to take the stage at international business conferences, to present board meetings, or to host strategy and planning sessions. BossData speakers combine years of experience in public speaking, current topics and interesting angles to tackle mainstream content.

Below, we’ll share some example topics we can cover.

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Example topics

Digital Marketing in 2025

How will the online marketing world evolve? We already see a huge decline in human intervention when it comes to ad buying. Where will it end? We sure hope the chatbots hype has stopped by then!

Loyalty & Retention Marketing

Why do companies like Amazon, Coolblue & others focus on retention so much? Did you know that attracting new customers costs -on average- 5 times more than keeping existing customers?

Omnichannel Marketing

We live in a world where products are sold on multiple platforms, marketing touchpoints are planted on every (street)corner and consumers’ attention is becoming a scarcity. How do modern companies cope with this?

Marketplaces (Amazon / Bol)

Is selling on Bol, Amazon or Rakuten a good idea? If you can’t beat them, perhaps join them? Is it an opportunity or a threat? This talk will help you take a stance on marketplaces.

Goals & Targets (KPI Framework)

What is the ideal succes and failure metric for my business? Should I measure ‘cost per conversion’, ‘Return on Ad Spend’ or ‘maximize conversions’ on a fixed budget?

Need tailor-made content?

We cover the entire digital marketing landscape from A to Z! It’s simple. Do you need tailor-made content for your event? Then we’ll create brand new content.

Our speakers

Meet some of our speakers and the topics they like to talk about.

Michiel Van der Sypt

Business-minded online marketing specialist. Makes your business run like a fine engine, based on analytical insights and pure stamina.

What do I like to talk about?

  • Marketplaces: should you advertise on Bol or Amazon?
  • Research Online / Purchase Offline (ROPO) : how does it impact your business?

Matthias Laqueur

Online performance marketing specialist leading the development digital marketing strategies based on analytical insights. His vision will take you where you have never gone before.

What do I like to talk about?

  • How to set targets for your business
  • How will marketing evolve in the coming years (e.g. no more cookies?)

Thomas Struijk

Leading data driven business analist with strong financial and commercial insights. After all, your financial result is all that counts.

What do I like to talk about?

  • Customer Lifetime Value: how to maximize it?
  • Lead analysis: the process from lead to MQL to SQL to sale.

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