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B2C Marketing has 2 simple goals. It needs to increase bottom-line revenue & sales while increasing brand awareness at the same time.To realize these goals, You will set up a marketing strategy that

B2C Marketing has to increase bottom-line revenue & sales while increasing brand awareness. To achieve this, you’ll set up a marketing strategy that owns the buyer journey from start to finish and nudges/guides prospective clients through the entire journey from start to purchase to brand ambassadorship.

Our B2C Lead Gen Toolset

Online marketing is our toolbox. We won’t use a hammer if you want us to paint your walls. We search for the ultimate set of tools, and how we can use them to your benefit and impact your bottom line results.

Search Advertising

Get in front of new customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on search engines from Google & Bing. Only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Advanced Reporting

We set up measurement & reporting in Google Analytics and a custom report in Google Data Studio to make sure we are tracking the evolution of all KPIs correctly.

Social Advertising

The strength of social media is in segmentation, scaling, diversification, and testing options that are huge. The larger the audience, the greater the ability to target at a micro-level.

Content Strategy

Through workshops & desk research, we set up a content strategy that covers all USPs & audiences. Qualitative content is guaranteed by working closely together with in-house experts.

Marketing Automation

After identifying your specific customer journey, we create automation flows that tap into your specific business reality. We automate customer contact points that focus on acquisition & retention.

Lead Flow Analysis

Should you invest more in Google Ads or Facebook? It all depends on the lead-to-sale ratio per channel. Connect your CRM data with your online marketing channel data and find out.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t take our word for it, but have a taste of our work instead.

Up and Running in 4 to 6 Weeks

We start by assessing current efforts which we then try to scale & diversify. In the end, we want to make ourselves redundant as quickly as possible.





Opportunity Report

Week 0 – 2

What are threats & opportunities of current marketing strategy & operations?

  • Paid Marketing channels Audit
  • Website performance Scan
  • Gap Analysis
  • Buyer Journey Review
  • Technical Audit
  • What future strategies could be beneficial for your company?
  • A tailor-made plan which consists of quick wins & long term strategies.

The Groundwork

Week 2 – 4

How do we determine marketing success/failure on a company-wide level?

  • Revise current measurement plan
  • Revise current ‘Goals & KPI’ framework
  • Adapt a new marketing mindset
  • Set up new reporting & dashboards (Google DataStudio / BigQuery)

Scale & Diversify


How can we leverage opportunities that we identified in the opportunity scan?

  • Vertical: focus on existing channels that display a large growth margin
  • Downgrade efforts on underperforming, campaigns, channels, ..
  • Horizontal : diversify current marketing mix
  • Progressive marketing experiments
  • Pivot into new strategies if needed

Talent Development


How can we lower the dependency of external consultants?

  • Basic to advanced workshops for existing employees ( e.g. internal promotions )
  • New operational marketing hire? We’ll show him the ropes as quickly as possible!
  • Traineeships new hires.

*No strings attached.


It is a way for us to highlight the added value we bring to the table. What are you waiting for..  You’ve got nothing to lose right?

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